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  • Samsam the Bubbleman show in Alleyn’s School, Dulwich

    Saturday 18th May
    Samsam the Bubbleman, multiple World Record holder and Olympic Opening Ceremony hero, has confirmed his show will be coming to Alleyn’s School. Click here for details of the show/tickets, and to find out more about the incredible Samsam and his amazing achievements click here!

  • Super Hero Run

    Sunday 13th May 2013 – Regent’s Park, London
    The Winkworth Girls are my Super Heroes by running 10K to get me to America. Ayesha, Sophie, Miranda, Lucie, Sam and Amanda are all dressing in their alter egos. Go Winkworth Girls, Go! Xxx

  • Tough Mudder – Toughest Event On The Planet?

    8th June 2013
    David, Dominic and Lucie at Winkworth in East Dulwich and the Media Mudders at Mindshare are completely nuts. If you’ve never heard of Tough Mudder watch this. Their colleagues don’t think they will make it back, but I believe in you! Xxx