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  • Super 16 survive cycle challenge!

    The Team Xavier cycling squad, aka The Super 16, rode through the hills of West Wales over three days to raise £12K! We took some amazing photos to put together another special clip of the three day marathon.

  • Push Studios Zumbathon Triumph!

    Amanda and Kevin from the brilliant Push Studios lead a fantastic group of instructors to hold a Zumbathon in Dulwich and raised over £1400! Everyone had a great time and I took lots of pictures for my memory of an amazing day!

  • Bicycle Nation Sunday servicing spectacular!

    Luca from Bicycle Nation joined up with Alastair from Rye Books on Upland Road on Sunday 14th April. I went along to take some pictures and have found out they rasied £190! Thanks for your support guys! Xxx

  • Not-so-Lazy Sunday for the Leigham Practice Team

    The massage therapists and admin team worked their fingers to the bone on their special Lazy Sunday to raise over £1200! I popped along to say thanks and took some pictures. You’re all really brilliant. Xxx.

  • Paul K blow dry me away!

    Berenice and all the fab stylists at Paul K Hairdressers in Streatham opened up specially for me on a Sunday and helped raise £1200 for me! We took some pictures and had a brilliant day. Thanks everyone! Xxx

  • Fundraising steps up a gear!

    Wow! I’ve had a chat with everyone involved in Team Xavier and they are now even more determined to raise as much money as possible to help children just like me! Find out where we are going next here!


    Wow! Wow! Wow! Just to let everyone know that my target of £70K was reached this week!! An anonymous donor contacted us wishing us well and pushed me straight up to my target by donating £33K!!! For the press release click here. Thank you, thank you, one and all!!!!

  • Bicycle Nation joins Team Xavier!

    Bicycle Nation , headed by the brilliant Luca, have joined Team Xavier, supporting the cycling squad and organising events so I might be able to ride on my own one day! Thanks Luca Xxx

  • Two brilliant halves make my day complete!

    I had some brilliant news today. Helen ran the Liverpool half marathon for me and raised so much money she pushed me through the half way barrier! Thanks Helen, and thank you everyone!!! Xxxx

  • Puffin Storm East Dulwich Tavern

    The mighty band Puffin flew into East Dulwich on Saturday 9th March and stormed upstairs at the EDT (see pictures) Lots of people came from near and far and helped raise a whopping £800 for me. Puffin you’re the best!

  • Anglo-Indo-Franco-tastic Food Nights

    Following their amazing cake week, English Connection language school in Vannes organised an English and Curry night for their French students, sent me some pictures and raised their total to €663! Wow!!

  • Bravo English Connection et vos amis spéciaux!

    English Connection, the language school in Vannes, France, organised a Cake Week to help me.  They have raised an amazing €483, and are still going! We have posted a special message here!!

  • Ashtead Kids Rock!

    Cassi and James invited me to their party in Ashtead early in January. I had a really great day, took lots of photos and everyone helped raise £263! You guys rock! X

  • Rumble in the Little Jungle

    The fantastic Little Jungle Nursery on Amott Road supports a charity each year and this year they helped me! I saw a lovely Christmas show and found out they rasied £500. What a rumble! Thank you everyone!

  • Bonnies Florist are bloomin’ brilliant

    The brilliant Bonnies florist on Lordship Lane sold bright orange balloons during the run up to Christmas. They made a very special balloon for me you can see here and raised £350 to help me get to America!

  • L’équipe de Xavier arrive en France

    Xavier’s fund raising continues in France. The students and staff at an English Speaking School in Vannes are joining Team Xavier and organising events to help him have his operation!

  • Christmas Stalls are a great success

    On December 15th & 16th Team Xavier had a stall at the Christmas Fair at St John’s and St Clement’s Primary School, and outside Cheeseblock on Lordship Lane. We raised £555.05! See our pictures.

  • 20K barrier broken!

    OMG! I’ve just found out that you’ve all helped to push me over £20K – and before Christmas! There’s still a very long way to go, but everyone is really beginning to believe that we can do this! You’re all brilliant! Xxxx

  • Fun Run a Santa-tastic Success

    19 special Santas ran through Greenwich Park on Sunday 9th December with thousands of others to raise nearly £6000. We took some photos to make a special clip of the day.

  • Uncle Ed’s Endurance Ends

    Uncle Ed has revealed his secret for enduring the whole of November without a drink – Liquorish Allsorts! Berty Bassett would be proud of you, and he celebrated with friends and family in town. Cheers Uncle Ed!

  • The Bonneville Bake-Off was Brilliant!

    I went to Mummy’s old school on Wednesday and there were so many people who worked with her and so many mummies and daddies and children. I ran around, had a great time, and even took a few pictures.

  • £1250 raised from Tandoori Nights Luncheon!

    An unbelievable £1250 and 5p (it really does all count) was raised by the generous Hassan family at Tandoori Nights on Lordship Lane when they organised a special lunch for Xavier on Sunday. The food was fantastic, but they have been amazing!

  • Fundraising passes another milestone!

    I can’t believe we have gone through the £5K mark – I was hoping this might be reached by Christmas. WOW and Big Kisses to you all! Xxxx

  • My £3000 target has been reached!

    A super big Thank You to everyone who has helped me reach my target. The next target is £5000 and I am hoping to reach this before the end of the month.

  • Uncle Ed reaches Day Four of his Dry November

    Uncle Ed Crummack has already reached Day Four of his fund-raising Dry November – and almost reached his target. Go, Go Uncle Ed. You can do it! Xxx

  • Tandoori Nights create special lunch on 25th November for Xavier

    My favourite restaurant on Lordship Lane will be booking their entire restuarant for two sittings of a special £20 four-course meal at 12 & 2pm on Sunday 25th November, donating all food takings to help me. Amazing!

  • Puffin confirmed for gig on 9th March

    The Puffins will be performing at the East Dulwich Tavern and are expected to sell out fast. It’s their only tour date in London next year. Thank you, Puffins! Watch this space to find out how to get tickets!!!


  • Clarification re Puffins

    We mean ‘Puffins’ – the band. Thank you to the e-mailer who highlighted this potential confusion.

  • Puffin coming to London

    We understand on good authority that there may be the sighting of these rare birds, not often seen outside Goring, Oxfordshire. They may be coming to London to do a charity gig!

  • Provisional date of surgery for June

    Xavier’s operation has been pencilled in for the beginning of June. The clock is now ticking … Yikes!

  • Great News – Xavier has been accepted for surgery

    We received a letter from Dr Park saying that based on Xavier’s MRI scans and video assessment he predicts that with SDR Xavier will be able to walk independently. Yay!

  • Cheers! The first fundraising event raises £670

    Well done Dee who survived a Dry July, despite huge personal suffering!
    Thank you Auntie Dee Dee xxx